The Future of Filmmaking


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About the Director

Elizabeth Glynn has a varied background in both education and the entertainment industry. She knew by her sophomore year in high school she wanted to be a teacher. She earned a degree in secondary education and taught English, screenwriting, and drama to high schools students in Brooklyn, before deciding to switch tacks and pursue her interest in film. Thirteen years ago she moved to Los Angeles from New York to pursue her second passion.

She has worked as script consultant, set designer, social media marketer, and production manager, among other positions. During the course of a long-term contract with the NFL she earned an Emmy Award for a project called ‘The JFK Experience.’ She produced a pop-up Sundance Film Festival studio to host media, events, and navigate distribution deals, as well as to conduct live interviews which were edited and posted daily for the festival. During this period she also served as founding humanities director and curriculum writer for Ivy Bound Academy in Sherman Oaks.

She went on earn a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing with a focus on social justice. She believes that studying literature and the art of writing makes a stronger filmmaker. She feels also that one learns perpetually from the creative perspectives of her students. As director of the Cinematic Arts Academy at Millikan her two passions have finally converged: teaching and filmmaking. Continuing the vision of outstanding educator and artist Karen Bennett, founder of this program, is something she looks forward to.