Posted 05/31/2014 by Elizabeth Glynn in Award-Winning

CAAM at Dances with Kidz / Dances with Films Festival


Congratulations to the Cinematic Arts Academy @ Millikan!!!  FOUR of our students’ films are official selections of the Dances with Kidz Film Festival and were screened at festival events at the TCL Chinese Theatre on May 31, 2014.

Several students attended the screenings.

Congratulations to:

Official Selection: Jeremy Basset for “The Amulet”
Official Selection: Teddy Nissen for “In the Hall of the Mountain King
Official Selection:
Maximilian Muench for “Kill Jill”
Official Selection:
Written by Teddy Nissen with the 2013/2014 6th Grade Cinematic Arts Academy for “Confronting #8
Official Selection: Adam Eagle for “The Problem called … Grampa”
Official Selection: Written by Michael Ghadban with the 2012/2013 6th Grade Cinematic Arts Academy for “Slenderman