Posted 06/07/2015 by Elizabeth Glynn in Spring Film Festival

Films from the Spring Film Festival



The Spirit Award

  • 6th Grade: Sunny Keller
  • 7th Grade: Dexter Gardner
  • 8th Grade: Josh Lopez

Rising Star Award:  Michael Ghadban

Audience Choice Award:  Alexandra Torres “Rebirth”


Watch all 25 of the films from the Spring Film Festival at the Egyptian Theatre!

1.  Lemonade by Josh Lopez

2.  Yesterday and Tomorrow by Jonah Mazer

3.  Young Love by Skylar Fisher-Duddy

4.  The Angry Fly by Feodor Aitouganov

5.  The New Odd Couple by Kyle Silverstein

6.  Homework by James Thornton

7.  Homeroom Update by Ethan Howard

8.  Manly Men 2 by Adriel Azera and Xander Lawson

9.  Roger the Sidekick by Michael Ghadban and Isaac Harris

10.  Homework by Oliver Jones

11.  The Evil Tie Strikes Back by Casey Hawkes

12.  The Lemonade Wars by Ryan Flaherty

13.  The Peacewalker by Daniel Arutyunyan and Jeremy Basset

14.  See You Soon by Sara Ghadban

15.  Colors of Love by Cierra Cardenas

16.  M.L.K. by Kai Andrews

17.  Growing Up Imaginary by Ella Fields

18.  Surreality Show by Sunny Keller

19.  Le Mime Chantant by Dexter Gardner

20.  Listening by Tyler Colvin

21.  Gone by Aidan Champana

22.  Cache by Teddy Nissen

23.  Sketch by Jack Massee

24.  True Places Never Are by Theo Taplitz

25.  Rebirth by Alexandra Torres ***Audience Choice Award Winner***