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How to Help

Wish List

Items below are wish list items. If you would like to donate an item please contact Karen Bennett. You can Donate Online through the CAAMERA Website headed by our parent organization. CAAMERA (Cinematic Arts Academy @ Millikan Educational Resources Association) is an amazing group of people dedicated to getting us the resources to grow our program into something truly magnificent this year.

Thank you in advance for your tax-deductible contributions and helping our future filmmakers of the Cinematic Arts Academy @ Millikan.


We are fundraising through Annual Giving for:

  • New Projector = $1,000
  • Speakers for the Classroom = $1,000
  • Cameras and Equipment = $10,000
  • Buses for Field Trips = $3,000


These items can be donated any time during the school year:

  • Tissue
  • Color Photocopy Paper (any color)
  • Lined, Loose-leaf Notebook Paper
  • Donated Gift Cards to or Staples will be used to purchase classroom supplies



Annual Giving

You can donate online for Annual Giving through the CAAMERA website as well. Visit Annual Giving now.