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A Sock’s Life



Story: Larry's only friend is Bob, an old sock puppet he wears on his hand. Bob's tendency to get Larry into trouble with the teachers gets him an ultimatum from the principal: Find a friend by the end of the week, or be recommended for "special therapy". This film was made by the 7th Grade Cinematic Arts Students for the Winter Film Festival, 2014. Each scene was shot by a different film crew. Story by Xander Lawson, Screenplay by the entire class.
Release Date: 2014

Directed By:

7th Grade Cinematic Arts Academy

Produced By:

7th Grade Cinematic Arts Academy

Posted 01/22/2014 by

Awards & Nominations

WINNER:  Digital Voice Award (2014)

WINNER:  Audience Choice Award: National Film Festival for Talented Youth (2014)

WINNER: California Student Media Festival (2014)


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