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Confronting #8



Story: "Confronting #8" is a black and white silent film about students at a school for magic who are harassed by a powerful bully. He makes their lves miserable until one of them steps forward. This film was produced by the 6th Grade Cinematic Arts Academy at Millikan Middle School in January 2014. Story by Teddy Nissen Screenplay by the entire class
Release Date: 2014

Directed By:

6th Grade Cinematic Arts Academy

Produced By:

6th Grade Cinematic Arts Academy

Posted 01/22/2014 by

Awards & Nominations

WINNER: Best of Festival, California Student Media Festival (2014)

WINNER:  Digital Voice Award (2014)

Official Selection: Dances with Kidz (2014)

Official Selection of the National Film Festival for Talented Youth (2014)


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    Marla Carlton

    Loved this movie. Great effort and teamwork!


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