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Phantom Film Festival

Each fall, the Cinematic Arts Academy students at Millikan Middle School begin the year by learning about camera angles and then progress into suspense filmmaking, sound design for monsters, and finding creative ways to poke fun at ghost stories. The Phantom Film Festival showcases the results of their efforts from their Halloween challenges.

A special thank you to the CAAM alumni who gave feedback as well as the film students of the Gimnazija School in Zagreb, Croatia; the British Film Institute in London; and the Wilderness School in Adelaide, Australia!  We are so grateful for your participation!

Congratulations to all of the students who participated in the festival!

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Jury Awards are decided by a panel of industry professionals and independent filmmakers.  Past Jury Members include:


Cameron Covell: Independent Filmmaker


Christopher Covell: Independent Filmmaker


Jim Covell:  Film Composer


Karen Covell:  Documentary Producer


Jeff Daniels:  Independent Documentary Filmmaker

Alison Farr:  Screenwriter and Film Development


Scott Thomas: Independent Filmmaker/Choreographer


Dawn O’Keeffe: Film/TV Producer


Jim O’Keeffe: Cinematographer

Phantom Film Festival 2013


  • Bad JuJu – Jeremy Basset
    “I was SUPER impressed by this film.  Bad JuJu is the perfect combination of suspense and wonderful use of sound design.”
  • Closet Monster – James Benjamin
    “Horror comedies are often very difficult to pull off, as fear and delight are often considered very counter emotions.  Closet Monster does this well; these opposite aspects work perfectly off each other!”
  • Glitched –  Dexter Gardner
    “I enjoyed Glitch because it leaves a lot of open space for the imagination. Every audience member is going to have their own interruption of the ending!  Beautiful cinematography!”
  • How to Be Scary – Skylar Fisher-Duddy
    “How to be Scary is the classic story of getting to know someone for who they are and not what they look like, this is so important in today’s world.  What if all monsters just wanted someone to spend time with to help them become a better zombie? The fact you got me to feel for a zombie was quite an impressive feat!”
  • Rubbish – Luca Cosentino
    “Rubbish excelled in all aspects of film making and was the only film that actually made me jump.  It set us up for some comedy and then led us right into creepy. Bravo!”
  • The Roommate – Tom Gaberman
    “I love the idea of having a ghost as a roommate!  The Roommate is very creative, and I thought some of the ideas you presented were both funny and original!  Tom has the ability to give his characters depth which makes the audience care for them.”

WINNER- Best of Festival 2013

Bad JuJu – Jeremy Basset


6th Grade:

Don’t Look Under the Bed, Makenna Cannon – 40%
MonsterMares, Casey Hawkes – 50%
Urban Reptile, Maximilian Muench – 37%

7th Grade

Bad JuJu, Jeremy Basset – 60%
The Present, Cameron Mouton – 30%
Time Goes By, Riley Siegler – 35%

Happy Halloween!