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Winter Film Festival


Our Winter Film Festival showcases the best student work of the fall semester Cinematic Arts Academy students.  This semi-formal affair features a red-carpet and introductions of the films by the students who created them.  This is a wonderful opportunity to see what we have been doing.  Friends and family are welcome!


A Sock's Life                  Confronting #8

A Sock’s Life  - 7th Grade CAAM                    Confronting #8 – 6th Grade CAAM

The Cubix – Luka Bollier                                 65 Years of Love – Tyler Colvin

Survivors – Tom Gaberman                            Sabotage – Dexter Gardner

Days Gone By – Michael Ghadban                 The Other Side – Jeremy Basset

Ground Dad Day – Casey Hawkes                  In the Hall of the Mountain King – Teddy Nissen

Princess by Dawn – Riley Siegler                    Dream Come True – Alexandra Torres