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Winter Film Festival


Winter Film Festival 2015

We had an incredible Winter Film Festival featuring beautiful, scary, funny, and thoughtful films the Cinematic Arts Academy.  Congratulations to all of the students!  We are looking forward to the Spring Film Festival!





6th Grade CAA movie Postersm               Haven't You Noticedsm

Thank You For Your Purchase                             Haven’t You Noticed?                  

      6th Grade CAAM                                                   7th Grade CAAM      


The Redemption of Allen Lineman

              8th Grade CAAM                                


 Winter Film Festival Student Homework Projects

6th Grade
The Clay Man – by Oliver Jones, 6th grade
Lost Dog– by Sunny Keller, 6th grade
Heads Up* – by Bix Fumo, 6th grade
Unliving the Life* – by Ruby Altieri, 6th grade
F is for Freedom – by Theo Taplitz, 6th grade


7th Grade

Toys* – by Teddy Nissen, 7th grade
The Last Man – by Aidan Champana, 7th grade
Nihav Prohivana* – by Alexandra Torres, 7th grade
The Note – by Dexter Gardner, 7th grade


8th Grade

Checkmate – by Tom Gaberman, 8th grade
Different – by Michael Ghadban, 8th grade
The Man – by Xander Lawson, 8th grade
Unseen* – by Riley Siegler, 8th grade
Magisto – by Tyler Colvin, 8th grade


*These films contain scenes that young viewers may find disturbing.  Parental Discretion Advised.


Highlights from the 2014 Winter Film Festival

A Sock's Life                  Confronting #8

A Sock’s Life  – 7th Grade CAAM                    Confronting #8 – 6th Grade CAAM

The Cubix – Luka Bollier                                 65 Years of Love – Tyler Colvin

Survivors – Tom Gaberman                            Sabotage – Dexter Gardner

Days Gone By – Michael Ghadban                 The Other Side – Jeremy Basse

Ground Dad Day – Casey Hawkes                  In the Hall of the Mountain King – Teddy Nissen

Princess by Dawn – Riley Siegler                    Dream Come True – Alexandra Torres