Posted 09/14/2014 by Elizabeth Glynn in 8th Grade Academy

Paramount Ranch and Autry Museum Field Trip 2014

photo 3-1
photo 3-1

The 8th grade Cinematic Arts Academy students are tasked with creating a “genre specific” class film in the fall semester.  This year we will be attempting a Western.  With the help of several parents and the incredible people at the Paramount Ranch and Autry Museum of Western Heritage, we will be able to shoot in authentic locations with some of the leading experts in Western American history.

On September 5th we visited the Paramount Ranch to scout our filming location.  Thank you to Michael Malone who served as our guide and docent!

On September 15th we visited the Autry Museum of Western Heritage to learn more about daily life in the Old West.  Our goal is to be as authentic as possible in our film and we are looking forward to getting as many details correct as possible!  Thank you to Rebekah Harding and Jeffrey Richardson for your help with our project!