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Spring Film Festival 2016


Congratulations to our students on an amazing film festival!

Rising Star Award:  Jonah Mazer

Spirit Award | Advanced Production:  Zenzele Moore Ysaguirre

Spirit Award | VFX Lab:  Daniel Adler

Spirit Award | 6th Grade CAAM: Bo Samson

Audience Choice Award:  Babysitter by Teddy Nissen



Class Films:

Sid Grid the Movie Kid: Advanced Production

The Subtle Art of Crafting a Believable Story: VFX Lab

Flu Season: the 6th Grade Cinematic Arts Academy





Student Films:

Perspective by Ella Fields

Requiem for Mr. Cromwell by Theo Taplitz

Ickle Me Pickle Me Tickle Me Too by Jack Massee

Mocean by Gio Turzo

Babysitter by Teddy Nissen

What I Wish I Could Say to You by Sara Ghadban

War is Hell by Noah Zielinski

The Story of Jimmy McGill by Bo Samson

Blueprints by Jonah Mazer

Puppies and Balloons by Jane Dever

Eternal Love by Kit Zenga

A Single Photograph by Herschey Liss

End by Jack Scheinbaum

Subdue by Oliver Jones

Disturbed by Zenzele Moore Ysaguirre

The Last Cigarette by Miles McCrudden

Face Your Fears by Emily Salners

Frenemies by Kirill Kroo

Spoon by Jack Toggenburger

Dank Memes by Calvin Birkman

A Torn Star by Sebastian Cipriano

Big Shot by Mariana Andrade

Are You Okay? by Daniel Adler

Carpool by Sunny Keller

Goodbye Frank by William Tibballs