Posted 05/29/2017 by Elizabeth Glynn in Spring Film Festival

Spring Film Festival 2017

Congratulations to our students on a brilliant film festival and an amazing school year!

Rising Star Award: Ella Fields

Spirit Award | Advanced Production: Theo Taplitz

Spirit Award | VFX Lab: Kai Andrews

Spirit Award | 6th Grade CAAM: Isabella Masrouga

Audience Choice Award:  Goodbye, Sam by Theo Taplitz


Class Films:

Still: Advanced Production

School Daze: VFX Lab


Student Films:

Live for What You Love by Herschey Liss

Stereo by Ella Fields

Red Card by Bo Samson

Mystery Date by Sunny Keller

Goodbye Sam by Theo Taplitz

1958 by Sara Ghadban

Us. by Remy Boul

Joya Mia by Ella Warner

Desert Flowers by Noah Zielinski

The Underground by Jack Massee

Not There by Cole Mathis

Lost by Baxter Chelsom

Battleship by Tui Caro-Lister

Perfect by Max Damon

Food by Sebastian Ledesma

All Ears by Charlie Paluck

Happy by Jackson Hicks

The True Meaning of Shredding by Aidan Smith

Pity Party by Maggie Ellenburg

Bug Bite by Hannah Willinger

Electric Pow Wow by Samantha Olivan-Steele

Time Enough at Last by Julian Juutilainen

Some Bunny’s Story by Isabella Masrouga

Full Circle by James LaBuda

Book by Calvin Birkman

Heist by James Thornton

Your Inner Rainbow by Lucy Nickerson

Joy Unbroken by Alejandro Lombard