Posted 05/28/2018 by Elizabeth Glynn in Spring Film Festival

Spring Film Festival 2018

Congratulations to our students on a brilliant film festival and an amazing school year!

Rising Star Award: Dylan Shaw

Spirit Award | Advanced Production: Julian Bechdholt

Spirit Award | VFX Lab: Maria Pia Maglione

Spirit Award | 6th Grade CAAM: Samantha Thornton

Audience Choice Award: The Birds and the Bees by Baxter Chelsom

Class Films:

When I Get to High School: 6th Grade Cinematic Arts

Storybook Ending: Advanced Production

VFX Lab Montage:  VFX Lab

And Now Your Host: Advanced Production

Men in Black: Collaboration: VFX Lab, Advanced Production, Musical Theater Dance Dept.


Student Films:

  1. Run, Mia, Run! by Ella McKeon
  2. Dirty Face by James LaBuda
  3. The Babysitter by Liya Zech
  4. Face Time by Arlak Kanchanajiva
  5. Evaluate Yourself by Georgia Davis-Bonk
  6. Magical Memories by Ariana Akizian
  7. She’s Waiting There for You by Andrea Ramirez-Romo
  8. Pessimist by Cole Mathis
  9. Gum by Milo Bennet-Shephard
  10. B-Boys and Girls by Noah Scott
  11. A Canvas Called My Heart by Jasmine Davis-Bonk
  12. When We Were Young by Amelia Hill
  13. Jeremy Discovers Magic by Connor Hartwick
  14. Ark of the Homework by Nathan Blair
  15. Mother’s Day by Elton McCrudden
  16. Escape from the Garden by Jackson Hicks
  17. The Gift by Nathan Michael
  18. Friends by Maria Pia Maglione
  19. Aloysius and Me by Landon Roesch
  20. Sketch 9000 by Charlie Kohn
  21. Big Bro by Hanna Millis
  22. Layritos by Samantha Thornton
  23. Clone by Kiana Gaspar-Gunning
  24. Single Player by Isabella Masrouga
  25. Noise by Remy Boul
  26. To Whom It May Concern by Jane Dever
  27. The Birds and the Bees by Baxter Chelsom
  28. Nevertheless She Persisted by Ella Warner
  29. A Doodle’s Love by Lucy Nickerson
  30. Caged Bird by Dylan Shaw
  31. All the Struggles of Being a Detective by Miles McCrudden
  32. A Soldier’s Heart by Alejandro Lombard