Posted 01/16/2017 by Elizabeth Glynn in Winter Film Festival

Winter Film Festival 2017

2017 Winter Film Festival Films!

Audience Choice Award Winner:  Seconds, Minutes, Years by Zoë Busenberg

Class Film: Millikan Votes 2016 by the 6th Grade Cinematic Arts Academy

Independent Student Films:

  1. Denial by Alina Foley
  2. The Hungry Games by Landon Roesch
  3. Helicopter by Calvin Birkman
  4. Hide and No Seek by Maggie Ellenburg
  5. Hope by Ella Mazer
  6. A Baker’s Dozen by Isabella Masrouga
  7. That Puppet by Domenic Smith
  8. The Good, the Bad, and the Stuck Up Rich Kid by Max Damon
  9. Sabotage by Julian Juutilainen
  10. Runaway Stroller by Jackson Hicks
  11. Mouse Mess by Miles McCrudden
  12. Twisted Treats by Celia Daniels
  13. The Invention by Sebastian Ledesma
  14. Brave Boy by Alejandro Lombard
  15. Robot and Man by Noah Zielinski
  16. The Police Force by Oliver Jones
  17. Flight by Theo Taplitz
  18. Dee Baker: My Life as a Voice Actor by Baxter Chelsom
  19. Seconds, Minutes, Years by Zoë Busenberg